C-Level Consultants: Pioneering Leadership and Organizational Development

Founded in October 2008 by Robin Standlee, CGMA, C-Level Consultants LLC is a distinguished business consulting firm. With a unique approach that combines grace and practicality, we specialize in guiding businesses through their growth and development phases.

Our method uses the client's staff to optimize results while minimizing costs. Our clients appreciate this approach for its efficiency and effectiveness. In order to scale to your project’s needs, we are ready to tap into our extensive network of facilitators, ensuring that our retreats and consulting services are perfectly tailored to each client's needs.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience."

Our Story

Our story begins with a life-changing experience where Robin Standlee, the founder of C-Level Consultants, embarked on a journey to Mt. Shasta first with a group of adventurers before a three-night fast and solo quest.  Alone on the mountainside, she confronted her limiting thoughts, healed old emotional wounds, and experienced fully, the power of nature to refocus and direct life's path. This experience reignited childhood dreams that were immersed in mystical traditions and shamanism, the principles of which now inform our company's mission.

Robin is no stranger to organizational change.  After earning various certifications to expand her business acumen and expertise, Robin sold her tax and accounting business. She sought to focus more energy on inspiring success in her clients beyond finance and growth. Her consulting work now encompasses professional growth and a holistic approach to success.

Robin's dedication to organizational development, environmental stewardship, and adapting to technology's evolving role in business shapes our approach. 

Although life is busy and full of pressure, at C-Level Consultants, we believe in operating from a state of presence, acknowledging the unseen and unheard aspects of leadership. We recognize that true knowledge comes when the heart and the mind are in sync.  All organizational projects start with appreciative inquiry - seeking to understand before evaluating the change that is needed.

Our deep reverence for our environment ensures that we will consider the impact of change projects on the ecosystems of each stakeholder. We are consciously aware that the cost-benefits of change must be weighed.  At C-Level Consultants, we commit to making decisions for our client's long-term success and ensuring that our choices foster thriving for all who are impacted.

Our story is about bringing our whole being to our work in a centered and present state, where creativity and magic happen. Join us there!

Robin Standlee

I'm Robin Standlee, the CEO of C-Level Consultants, and my journey in this field spans over 40 years. My path began in a moment of personal tragedy when my father, an entrepreneur in advertising, passed away unexpectedly, leaving our family without financial security. This early experience instilled in me a deep desire to understand how to thrive independently and to help others do the same.

My professional life initially revolved around helping clients achieve their financial goals, manage tax burdens, audit financials and navigate complex issues like divorce or contractual disputes. I approached these tasks with care and diligence. However, life has its ways of teaching us new lessons. After a significant personal transformation, I embraced the risk of entrepreneurship, leaving behind the illusions of security, but gaining so much more in the process.

Working with one of my mentors, Les Deck, I realized the need for a more holistic approach to consulting, especially in areas as intimate as realizing one's dreams. I've always been passionate about learning, and each project I undertake leads me to new areas of inquiry. After pursuing traditional certifications, my interest shifted toward the psychology of leadership and the evolution of organizations.

My approach involves deep conversations among team members, utilizing methods like the circle process, even the use of a talking stick, or other inclusive techniques. These methods often reveal underlying motivations and fears that influence decisions. The real work in organizational transformation is uncovering the limiting beliefs to move beyond them and expand awareness of alternate possibilities essential for profound and lasting change. So, in essence, I am a holistic financial professional, a business coach, and a catalyst.

Beyond my professional life, I am deeply interested in herbalism and ecology, cross-cultural shamanism, and international travel. These interests enrich my personal life and bring unique perspectives to my professional approach.


Our mission is to reveal the beauty and effectiveness of growing a business with a blend of generosity and practicality. This approach not only enhances the company’s stature, but also positively impacts everyone involved. At C-Level Consultants, we strive to reveal the existing talents and gifts while cultivating the change that is necessary to be competitive and successful with industry insights, expertise, and a touch of compassion.

C-Level Consultants is a business consulting

Firm that serves clients across Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, and Colorado.